Vermillion Initiatives

To accelerate progress, Vermillion saw that community groups need to build consensus and not further division.

We identified key barriers that hindered adoption —and designed this set of interlocking initiatives to make a greater difference.

We're on a mission to find real and measurable solutions for a stronger Calgary both today and tomorrow. Keep clicking.

Skills training

Productivity suffers when graduates posess job skills on one hand and social and environmental concerns on the other—but few practical ways to integrate them.
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Rewarding the leaders

Consumers want to buy better while leading companies struggle to find validation.
In the Calgary stream of the Innovators in Sustainability project, we'll identify the best operators. Learn more


Sustainability Literacy

In the Vermillion Clarity Campaign, we create and promote accurate, useful and high-impact messages about sustainability—and what's regionally-feasible for Calgary operations. Learn more

A Cooperative Vision

To advance these core programs, we cooperate with other initiatives and projects:

Vermillion Institute

Vermillion Canada

Innovators in Sustainability

Sustainability Curriculum Consortium